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Import Expenses > Available Expenses or From File. See Abila University for more information regarding pricing and current course schedule. The selected delegate should be someone who is appropriate based on hierarchy. edu. In the Report Name field, enter a name for the expense report. Concur is a travel and expense service that helps companies manage their employee expenses, approvals, and reimbursements. The Concur platform is designed to make employee spend simple, compliant and transparent. To be a delegate approver, the employee must already have the Concur Approver role. Concur handles all of the process for submission of the expense report for an employee finishing as an approved expense. This includes only employee details of the Concur Expense Quick Reference Guide – Filing an Expense Report 2 3 Locate the file you want to attach on your computer. Please use this tool as a reference before submitting a case to Concur as these questions reflect many of the most-common questions that DURING THIS INTERIM PERIOD WHILE A NEW API IS BEING DEVELOPED, PLEASE USE THE FILE-BASED IMPORT PROCESSES. Please refer to related knowledge base article for an in depth explanation of the Three processes, one solution . edu and email. For us it is mapped to a custom field on the Concur employee record which we update when the employee record is created. IMPORT GEMS Concur Travel & Expense Quick Reference Guide Page 3 of 4 Version 5/10/2010 Import a Trip or Company Card . The following fields are mandatory for correct importing of data. www. VISA Upload Employee UC Purchasing Cards. In the meantime, I'd suggest to import your expenses as Bills, instead, using a CSV file. Manual edits or updates via a file import are most likely required to complete  Sep 11, 2017 Table of Contents – Employee Import Chapter 4: Employee Import . From your expense report, click Receipts, View Available Receipts, drag a receipt to the corresponding line item on your report Scanned Images: 1. The purpose of this post is to help you integrate iDempiere and ADempiere, open source ERP, and Concur expense management tools. Just waiting for advances in other languages. These materials have been designed not only to save you time, but also to encourage employees to use and embrace your new Concur system. In some instances, we will accommodate situations where the COA is not the authorized approver but has an understanding of the budget and is Import any expense data With EmailXpenC you can easily import any expense data into Concur, not only credit card transactions. the Import Definition File (Feed ID "StandardEmployeeImport") . Welcome to Concur. edu 2) Click “eTravel/Concur” 3) Click “Profile” Here are some simple tools that will help you get your organization up and running on Concur ―quickly, easily, and successfully. 5. To get it, click the green link in the header – “Integration settings”: Oftentimes, we find that the customer is using Concur Standard. 2. • Please note that there is a limit of 5,000 attendees for this import method. Refer to Section 7 of this guide. You can also use the Employee Import Template by clicking “Import Users”. We already had our import template file established when I took over the task,  We have generated something using the personal card import file (with help of of a Quicken file) but this disappears SAP Concur Employee  Retrieves a list of configured fields on the Global employee form in SAP Concur. Improve employee satisfaction with faster reimbursement. Please update your personal information in my. Hi : We have about 2000 users in concur data base. Expense, Create a New Expense Report. Configuration in Concur • Activating new integration per group • Cost object hierarchy and fields in forms • Remember: tax codes in SAP have only two characters 4. During each export, the timesheet data is marked as exported so it is not duplicated in future payroll runs. People who Employee Spotlight: Michelle Aune, Solution Success Manager . Otherwise, browse your file directories to attach a copy of the receipt. The employee tax treatment related to the timing of filing expense reports is governed by the following  The Concur App Center helps companies and their travelers find apps that drive smarter spend, easier travel and effortless Spend less on employee travel. The Concur interface to Sage 500 and Sage X3 can be used to automate the import of expense reports to Accounts Payable and Project Accounting through a Sage-Concur Connector developed by RKL eSolutions. 0 Concur Proprietary Statement These documents contain proprietary information and data that is the exclusive property of Concur Technologies, Inc. Note: To import transactions into Microsoft Dynamics GP by using the correct file format in Concur Expense Integrator, you must download the import file from the Concur website. This file can be in TSV/CSV/XLS format. Create connection between SAP and Concur 3. Amount Due Employee; Claim ID; Claim Payment Reimbursement Type; Employee First Name   Dec 8, 2017 Concur Integration - Concur SAP Employee Synchronisation and imports that can lead to errors and SAP Concur reporting delays. What does this solution do? The integration that we have developed allows Dynamics NAV customers to integrate Concur expense data directly into the accounting system without manually downloading and manipulating the data files. 5 From the list of matches, select the appropriate person. JDA Software is a leading supply chain solutions provider – and has been a loyal Tenrox customer for  Employee Import)? We are also hoping to get examples on how you handle the manipulate the SAE (Standard Accounting Extract) file from Concur to import  USE CASE – Customer uses Concur for employee expense reporting , but . Manual data entry is a thing of the past. For more information about the Microsoft Dynamics GP import file, log on to Concur Expense. Import List of Approvers. used on the Employee Profile form in Expense and/or the Travel Preferences fields from Travel. Enter the expense type (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 3. • If you select To Current Report Contact your Concur administrator for more information. Click Help >> Expense Administration Help. In Concur Expense Integrator, vendors are employees who have a vendor record. The fields displayed will vary depending on the user role selected for the new user. Import Employee File. Concur Standard is a little bit different than the Professional and Premier offerings, as this gives you the ability to create your own file extract definition. Header Row 1: System Keys, Header Row 2: Data Labels. Itemize if necessary – Lodging expenses must be itemized. The App Center Certification Program requires each desired ERP Brand to be certified. In the Expense Reports (sometimes also labeled Active Work) section of My Concur, click New Expense Report. Overview. Customers may use the SAP Concur "Expense Pay" (ACH electronic reimbursement service) and/or a Payment Confirmation Import file process. For total quality and performance, Paylocity scored 8. (If you select Open it will try to open the file in Quicken or Microsoft Money, which are likely not installed on your computer). A. Delegates If you are acting as an Expense delegate for another employee (delegator): • Any changes you make on this page affect only the delegator and do not change your personal information. Additional work to the user profiles must be completed, either with manual edits or updates via the user import, in order to complete the user profiles. com 4 Revised: January 18, 2012 6 On the Nightly Lodging Expenses tab in the Number of Nights field, enter the number of nights for your hotel stay (the Check-in Date will be filled in once you enter the number of nights). Last Updated: 4/29/2016 . • You cannot access all profile options for your delegator, such as bank information. SAP Concur simplifies travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control. Here, you need to fill “Client ID” and “Client Secret”. You cannot access all profile options for your delegator, such as bank information. Once SAP Concur integration is in place you will improve employee productivity, reduce repetitive data entry tasks and associated errors. 2) Definition File - (DEF file) customized mapping file to bring the data into your database. To bridge the gap we recommend to work with file exports and imports. Our employee expense management software can help you control and reduce discretionary employee spending, while giving you the visibility and communication tools necessary to understand and manage company policies and spending behavior. • Activate in Concur Web Services • Import SSL certificate in SAP (Trust Manager) • Wizard in transaction CTE_SETUP 2. Sep 11, 2017 Concur Employee Import 4-3 Import Settings (Record Type 100) Format . Click on "Upload File" Menu and upload your file. The import will create Accounts Payable Concur – Creating a New Expense Report QRG D. To integrate zistemo expenses with Expensify or Shoeboxed, first, you have to set it up in “User menu” -> “Integration”. 5 To attach another image, click Browse, and then repeat the process. Concur is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management solution through the use of Concur Expense Integrator. Paychex expense report software can save your company time and money by automating expense management. It enables paperless processing, matching with e-receipts, automated imports of credit card charges, and intelligent auditing. Oracle GL file created from import of Concur T&E Standard Accounting Extract data  Jul 6, 2015 The verbal consent was registered in their medical records . Import Account Codes. IMan uses webservices to obtain the file, so there is no need to download the file from Concur. 8 To view the attached receipts, from the Concur Travel and Expense, Concur Invoice and Concur Cliqbook Last Revised: November 2009 This document provides answers to the frequently asked questions received by Concur's Client Support team. Reassign the credit card transactions for terminated employees After an employee record is terminated, the employee’s Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) account is disabled. Employees must individually enable eReceipts in Concur, as eReceipts provide itemized detail for all expenses associated with the receipt. International transactions may take longer to appear. • Concur automatically loads your Harvard Corporate Card transactions into within an expense report, click the Import Expenses link, and any Corporate Card transactions that. This can be used to administer and close payment batches as well as download a closed payment batch file for integration into your Accounting System. Meal Per Diems (manual entry) If travel was booked outside of Concur or Anthony Abila MIP Import There are four things that you need to import. Concur’s Payment Batch Web Service provides an automated solution to clients who want to manage their payment batches programmatically. Employees should go to PASS and click the Concur Travel Management icon to See the “Supported Configurations for Concur” document on the AP Travel  The Concur App Center helps companies and their travelers find apps that drive smarter spend, easier travel and effortless expensing. The final step is to get the approved expense into Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Standard Edition only has 25 possible columns, but we need to end up with a 77 column comma separated import file and locate the file you want to import. The latter is used to update reports that do not go through the Expense Pay process. New users must check the mobile instructions for their device. 3) MIP database 4) Rights in the MIP system to import 13. An attached receipt is blue, a required receipt is yellow. store if they are loaded into Concur - Otherwise, browse your file directories to attach a copy of the receipt 5. 1) Login through Single Sign-On, sso. The Concur system creates a standard accounting extract file which contains the necessary information to post the expense report to the appropriate accounts in the system member’s accounting system. General: How will I use Concur? The Concur travel and Expense system is for tracking and reconciling employee travel and other travel related expenses along with any other approved business related reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses. On the Professional platform, clients are able to import attendees. Add a new user by clicking “Create/Edit User”, or update a user by selecting the user and clicking “Create/Edit User”. 1. The following diagram provides an overview of the Concur Expense Integrator setup and the expense report process. An import file was being generated each day when new Invoices were entered into the Concur • A master file of all MTD University travel card transactions will be posted weekly to a Concur clearing account code (54395). CONCUR. 6. Center for Workplace Development 1 . if necessary. JDA Software Uses Tenrox to Manage their Resources. Log in to your world class Concur solution here and begin managing business travel and expenses. Employees are able to receive eReceipts for transactions from vendors who have an eReceipt agreement with Concur. Direct integration (no file transfer) as job; Concur fields can be mapped flexibly against SAP Infotype fields; No integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central yet. Then click the Attach button. Adding Corporate Card Transactions to Expense Reports . 0 Concur acting as an Expense delegate for another employee might need to click Import Expenses > From File. They do this by a process of creating an import data file, ensuring that it complies with proper requirements. Click on your name when it appears in the search window to add it to the attendee list. Here you select the excel file to be used in the import. The Concur Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Employee Reimbursement System. That's what Concur is saying in documentation: if importing double-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc. Part II is FA304, covers creating import files, including the T1 and T3 imports. Enter all require fields . Send Purchase Order data to Concur (Invoice Only) Send Purchase Order Receipt data to Concur (Invoice Only) Thank you for your interest in an App Center Partnership to develop an ERP integration between Concur’s products and your chosen ERP brand. Start your test drive now! Concur Employee Import Overview: The Employee Import file is a flat file containing several record types to load General Employee Data, Authorized Approver, Credit Card Info and Travel Data. file. Also, the files must be 500 KB or smaller. Our exclusive algorythm gives you a fast look at the general rating of Paylocity and Concur. Delegates If you are acting as an Expense delegate for another employee (delegator): Any changes you make on this page affect only the delegator and do not change your personal information. Expenses Import. they are loaded into Concur. Add a . Other things you can import. This document explains how to set up the import data file. To find out what can be imported, open the Import/Export Assistant (go to the File menu > Import/Export Assistant > Import data > Next). 3. The expense is moved and appears on the left side of the page, with any applicable icons, such as company card or exception. 4 In the Search by employee name, email address or logon id 2field, type the last name of the delegate you wish to add. There are some things you can import into AccountRight without using the Import/Export Assistant. Overview you: you can take a new receipt image, or import an image from your phone's Photo Album. gwu. Single Sign On. This Guide provides detailed instructions on how to create and submit an expense report. This seamless integration with Concur means fast and accurate accounting and better cash flow management. Concur Invoice can compare invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods  EXTEND CONCUR INTO EMAIL AND SPREADSHEET. This loads  To export QuickBooks data via an IIF file: 1. This is on the roadmap, but not yet clear when. concur. Employee master data, payment export data, and organizational hierarchy data are sent from ECC to Concur; The comma-delimited file (CSV) file containing the data is placed in ECC for SAP PI to pick up; SAP PI File adapter (Network File System [NFS] protocol) keeps polling for the file at regular intervals or at a scheduled time on a daily basis SAP FICO with Concur Franklin Lakes, NJ USC/GC/H1B C2C/C2H/W2 -Experience in integrating concur with ERP environments such as SAP and JDE -Experience in SAP FI -Experience in concur Employee maintenance -Assist with expense and Travel profile design -Maintain expense profiles and Travel profiles to prevent login issues -Knowledge of Concur If you must import more than one file format, you must create separate import jobs for each format type. Concur Expense & Travel Cost Object Approvers – Training Document . The employees will create expense report at the Concur website and then Concur will supply an extract file to download it in sap. Concur Create an Expense Report: Detailed Guide . To enable uploads of file types such as Employee, List, Attendee and other Import files as well as downloads of SAE Extract files that use Plain Text FTP will not be accepted via SAP Concur’s Filemover system. 5, while Concur scored 7. Do I have to use Concur? Yes. (B) An employee may request in writing for the JHRD to remove a disciplinary action from the employee’s official personnel file after seven years if there has not been a subsequent disciplinary action. Contact us 1. Admin can import transactions to all employees even from one file. Transactions are cleared out of this clearing account and reassigned via report extracts from Concur posted on a weekly basis. Jun 20, 2018 Why you should automate your SAP Concur Travel and Expense with your Dynamics ERP. A balance in the 54395 object code indicate that there are travel transactions in Concur Chapter 9: Standard Accounting Extract This extract is primarily used as the source of data that will ultimately be imported to the client General Ledger or Accounts Payable system. tamu. Summary: Concur activities result in expenses in an ERP. Will I be able to store frequent flyer card information? Yes, this is done in the employee profile in Concur. Upload Travel Agency Information File Edit View Favorites Tools Help X Convert n Select O! Mama's Potato Salad- Ea Suggested Sites Favorites Expense Center - Susan Kim Nugent Concur My Concur Travel Expense Profile View Reports New Expense Report View Receipt Store Approve Print / Susan Nugent Table Talk New Expense Import Details Receipts Exception Exceptions Expense Type Expense Claims do need some work (as they're quite an old part of Xero!) and it's something that we're looking into at the moment. Concur performs the employee import; however, the client creates the import file and then passes it to Concur to import. Scan your receipts and save the file(s) to your computer The cost object approval model allows your Concur expense reports and statement reports to route by dollar amount and the department ChartField(s) being charged. We do this manually rather than via import as we don't have a huge number of employees, but I assume an import could work too. You can import employees as vendors, import expense reports, and print confirmation reports. Select Integrations For more information on how to import the IIF file, refer to QuickBooks' documentation. Select Import and then select From File 2) We have to place the file on SFTP before specified time. Click the “Expensify” button. a cross- reference can be set up to point a Concur employee ID to a  Apr 25, 2016 Employee Reimbursement System. Additional benefits that our customers experience include: 08/22/2014 Concur Expense QuickStart Guide 1. After your company account is ready and connected with your Concur instance you can start importing transactions. UC . The Standard Edition only has 25 possible columns, but we need to end up with a 77 column comma separated import file, which the Concur Expense Integrator tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 13. We recently had a customer come to us that was beginning to utilize Concur Invoicing and Concur Expense for all 50 of their companies and wanted the import files generated by Concur to automatically create the appropriate transactions in QuickBooks ®. Our employees are liking this one. Rationale: • Web Service for Employee List import cannot handle 350 record definition - required for the travel component • Payment Confirmation must be a CSV file • SAE must be a CSV file • For internal process consistency, simple and connected Concur mobile app: 1. We are implementing Concur soft ware for T&E Expenses and AP invoicing. What is a Cost Object Approver (COA)? The COA is the authorized Banner approver for the index. In Standard, attendees are managed at the individual level. The Concur Adapter allows you to quickly import expense categories, employee data, customers, classes, and jobs. 1 Create a new expense report as usual. ExpenseConnect for Dynamics GP leverages the GP web services to create a secure, automated integration between Concur and Dynamics GP. You can export mileages from that system in excel or CSV format and then import into Concur with EmailXpenC. Start new import Navigate to "Company Admin" -> "Excel import" and you will see a page to start a new import. the employee data that serves other Concur features. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Import field to see the list. 4 Click the bank transaction file to download from your financial institution, and then, click Open. lists), Employee List Import, Payment Confirmation Import and SAE . Then start with checking if file encoding is correct. Entering Credit Cards into your Concur Profile . . Work offline. ) Concur does not currently accept debit card transactions. New Expense. Itemizing Nightly Hotel/Lodging Expenses A hotel bill typically contains a variety of expenses including room fees, taxes, parking, meals, valet, telephone charges, and personal items. Enabling eReceipts can potentially save time in expense report preparation. These expenses appear in the form of either payables to employees or payables to credit card providers. Section 12: Import Travel Card Transactions . 3) There is a scheduled job that consumes all these files and load them to Concur system during non-peak hours (Generally midnight). NOTE: If starting a new Expense Report that has all out-of-pocket expenses, start by clicking . 08/22/2014 Concur Expense QuickStart Guide 1. Use the Concur Adapter to eliminate duplicate manual data entry and achieve faster data synchronization. Basic Import Steps. Click the hamburger icon (next to gear icon) on the top right corner and select Import Expenses. NOTE: Concur accepts OFX and QFX file formats. What are the requirements for logging into my Concur mobile account? Prior to setting up their Concur mobile account, users must ensure that both their gwu. ), the import file must be UTF-8 (Unicode) encoded; otherwise ANSI encoding is sufficient. Within the app, use the camera icon to take a picture of your receipt, the receipt will be added to your Receipt Store 2. Select the transaction(s) that you want to assign to the current expense report. In most common landscapes Human Capital Management systems are the natural system of record for employee master data, thus in order to run processes requiring such data, S/4HANA Cloud offers integration options to receive and store it. The Benefits of SAP Concur Integration. 6 Click Attach. Concur Expense is a powerful, mature tool for expense reporting. This Help Centre page has detail on what the file needs and hint and tips. This solution installs directly into your Dynamics GP software and eliminates the need for your organization to manually download and manipulate the SAE (Standard Accounting Extract) file from Concur. The record is for the only Japanese employee: Field 'first_name'  Our step-by-step instructions ensure your File Export function works correctly. Step 3: Import Data into Concur Log into your Concur account and open the expense report to which you would like to add the credit card charges. Tech Thursday: Source File Name from Excel Folder Data Source. Once the export file is downloaded, you can feed it into ADP to complete your payroll. Create a New Report Create the report 1. You must itemize these expenses so that they can be reimbursed correctly. Employee Master Data Synchronisation. NOTE: The User administrator can be restricted from editing his/her own user profile. The per diem varies by destination and you use an Itinerary in Concur to calculate it. Allows you to map travel segment types from Concur Travel to expense types and payment methods on an expense report . They then will import the data to Concur, and Concur will run a batch job to import the data file. If you are Introduction. If an employee’s timesheet is changed after export, an adjustment is automatically included in the next export. • Clicking Import will let you import an Excel spreadsheet containing the names/details of attendees. your Concur administrator. • Transactions are loaded into Concur every night, and will appear in your Available Expenses list, usually within 2 – 4 days of the transaction. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, Paylocity earned 99%, while Concur earned 96%. For example if your mileage tracking is in a separate system from Concur. 4. ,Having to wait for everything to pull into Concur so an employee can do an expense report - they wait on cc charges to import, they wait on e-receipts, they wait on other smart expense items. What happens when you join travel, expense and invoice processes? Truly connected spend management. Check out the details of what’s included: Concur Travel and Expense Reporting FAQs. Sep 3, 2015 Browse to the file that was downloaded, and double-click to import it. Match the fields in Zoho Invoice with the fields in your file and hit the Next button. View the cost object approval FAQ page. Itemize . NOTE: The User API can be used to add new users, however the user accounts will not be fully configured and ready for use. People who want to integrate Dynamics GP with SAP Concur. If the employee (individual under whose name the expense report is being submitted) is a participant in the meal, the employee can be located via the search functionality by keying “EMP” which CONCUR will recognize as employee . fast and easy to use. A common question that we receive in regards to Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Concur Import is the following: Will you help me with the Concur setup window as I cannot get the import to work correctly? Concur Expense Quick Reference Guide Concur Technologies, Inc. When you have attached the required receipts you will see that the receipt icon will appear. Concur provides a very flexible Excel based export file format to accommodate what a client needs in accounting. Users 1. The first time you log into Concur Travel & Expense, you should review and update your profile. For detailed discussion on this topic, see below. Step 1: Locating Available Corporate Card Transactions The Concur Expense Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to import the Microsoft Dynamics GP specific 77 field file ( and only this file format ) that you obtain from Concur ( work with your Concur representative to ensure you are receiving the 77 field Microsoft Dynamics GP specific file ). 7 In the Room Rate field, enter the amount File Export Configuration Configure File Export function to ensure the correct data is available for IMan to correctly populate Sage. It is critical for clients & Partners to understand the difference between establishing employee data for a base User record vs. ENTERING PERSONAL CAR MILEAGE . 7 Click Done, when finished. 4 Click the file, and then click Open. The following Concur exceptions are currently covered in public cloud operations with SAP Solution Manager: Business critical errors reported by the ABAP backend integration add-on; All exceptions that happen in the Concur cloud service itself and are relevant to the customer are also recorded in the Concur Integration Add-in. The disciplinary action can be removed only if the administrative head and the JHRD concur. Play: Play: Concur list Import: The List Import is used to load simple and connect list data into the With your existing QuickBooks® account, you can easily import expense categories, employee data, customers, classes and jobs. Watch the Select the appropriate itinerary and click Import. This method is helpful when you have a large list of attendees and/or you prefer to set up an attendee list outside of Concur. 3 In the Import Personal Card Transactions window, click Browse. Concur’s support for automated, mobile expense management means employees can submit and track expense reports with their mobile device. Share what you know and love through presentations, infographics, documents and more Concur Automation Summary. Upload Travel Agency Information Concur Automation Summary. The Concur Travel Profile name is populated with the employee primary (legal) name as designated in the HR/Payroll System. SAP Concur integration with your accounting or ERP system can provide you with streamlined processes. To access the profile information: 1. The ExpenseIt app for US/Canada is pretty slick. Format of Employee Import File · The Employee Import data file looks like a spreadsheet, with each column dedicated to a specific data point. Expensify. Employees are not able to change their primary name in the Concur Travel Profile. The timezone varies based on your Concur system's timezone. So if you are in PST, the file has to be there on SFTP before 7 PM PST. Overview . This will significantly impact client usage of SAP Concur products such as Concur Travel and Use Concur Expense Integrator to manage employee expense reports. ACTUAL MEAL COSTS . SMU. Choose the file that needs to be imported. 1) Data – Such as a Text or CSV file. Concur is a business travel and expense solution which allowed on line entry of travel expenses. Note : Jun 29, 2016 Employee Reimbursement System. For more information, refer to the Shared: Employee Administrator User Guide. The question was - Is there a way to export expenses from Concur to an Excel format? The design of Concur is to allow the user to skip spreadsheets and feed data directly to their accounting system. Check out KB 1491 (Guide for Basic Import). INTERFACE DETAILS : DEEP DRIVE S # Category Interface Interface Details Direction wrt CONCUR Mode/Frequency Mandat ory Flow File Naming Standard(sent/Received by Concur) 1 Master Data Employee Import Complete employee data with details like Role, ID, Location Cost Center etc. 5 Click Upload. will be sent to Concur. Click Move (in the Available Expenses section). You must enter your banking information for ACH reimbursement and save your profile before you first attempt to book a trip in Concur Travel & Expense. Hello All, I received below error while loading Concur 305 Employee file. My understanding is that we need to develop a custom bridge program to upload the concur file for expenses. edu email addresses are input in their iBuy Expense Reporting (Concur) profile in the Email Addresses section. An Excel spreadsheet can be saved as a CSV file. to update Concur user profiles using the 305 record type - Enhanced Employee Importer. 2 On the Expense Report page, from the Import dropdown menu, select From File. Employee master data is a vital piece of information to run several Business Processes in S/4HANA Cloud. , Bellevue, Washington, and its affiliated companies (collectively, “Concur”). Creating expense reports is one of the primary functions of Concur. This spreadsheet is stored as a comma separated value (csv). Managers can easily review and approve expense reports from any device, reducing employee reimbursement cycle time by two-thirds. Select your file and spreadsheet which has the expense that you want to import; Select the QuickBooks entity as Expense; Set up the mapping of the columns in your expense import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks (Refer below Section) Part I is FA303, Basic Data Import, where you'll learn how to read import errors, and where items will flow into an import file. Once you have made th e selection, you will see the file name on your screen. (These formats are commonly utilized by Quicken and Microsoft Money. concur employee import file

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